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Financial Organization is one of the most important things for a business. Accounting is the key to financial organization. Good Hands Financial Services can provide any business with accounting services to help better the business financial organization. 

Accounting services and pricing vary between industry and business size. Accounting workload in one industry can be far more complex than another industry. This is why the accounting services have no set cost price. 

Accounting services include Quickbooks subscription that Good Hands Financial Services manages and organizes, journal entries, production of financial statements and quarterly financial reports. If you have a retail business, Good Hands Financial Services will do monthly sales tax reports if applicable.

Prices start at $350/month

If you are interested in accounting services, book an introductory consultation today! 


Do you have a business and feel as though you can't afford accounting services or your business is not mature enough for accounting services? Good Hands Financial Services also offers bookkeeping services for the business. Bookkeeping services are a step down from accounting services but are important to financial organization of your business. Bookkeeping helps you better understand what is coming in for your business (income) and what is going out (expenses).

Pricing for bookkeeping services start at $250/month


Some of you work for Uber or other business(es) and they may or may not issue you a 1099-MISC, 1099-K, or some form of 1099. If you didn't know you are considered a business and you must file on a Schedule C. The issue with this is that your federal or state income taxes are not withheld. Resulting in a probable tax liability. In these cases, we request the 1099 form profit and loss(income) statements, balance sheets, mileage log, and calendar of days worked for the year. If you do not have those documents we request receipts, bank statements, and calendar of days worked. With these records, we will have to go through each transaction for the entire year to calculate the allocable deductions to that type of business.


Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, C Corporations, and S Corporations are we requested the same documentation as 1099 employees. We request additional information from the members of the businesses with partnerships and/or board of directors. The same issues apply if they do not have the requested documentation. Partnerships, C Corporations, and S Corporations are filed separately from the form 1040.

1099's and Sole Proprietorship's 250+.

LLC, Partnerships, C Corporations, and S Corporations $400+.

After explaining all of these different situations, this is why it varies with coming up with the cost price. Payments are either paid upfront or through the income tax refund. An income tax return can be audited based on several triggers that appear in the IRS’s system. Audits by the IRS or state can be as simple as a letter adjusting tax liability or asking for additional information from the state or IRS. Accurate information entered on an income tax return can trigger audits so don't worry too much if you have the supporting documentation.

We as tax professionals and we have to apply the applicable deductions and credits supported by documentation. At Good Hands Financial Services we want to make sure when we file your income tax returns that we have the supporting documentation to back up the tax income tax return to protect you from audits. An IRS audit can be as small as the IRS sending you a letter for supporting documentation or challenging anything about a return.


Are you having success with your business but you don't have any Articles of Organization or FEIN? The question is always asked: Why should I legalize my business? The answer is BENEFITS! In order to grow your business, you must have a legal business.

Good Hands Financial Services will provide you with all of the documentation needed to have a legal business with the state you are in as well as an FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). Good Hands Financial Services can legalize a business in any state across the United States! This process will help open doors for your business and help you with organizational structure. 

This process is starts with a general organizational setup. This can be formal or informal. Next, we register the business through the state in which your business is conducted and/or located (In some states  it is required that the business reserve the name first before actual registration). Lastly, if not do so already, we apply for an FEIN.


The cost of this service starts at $260.